Sunday, December 26, 2010

we're back :)

Hi Y'all, 

We know that we have been quiet for the past few has been crazy for us..moving here and there but now we have found our footing. Yeay...We are now in SSTWO Mall, Petaling Jaya...We are welcoming the new year with a vigour and enthusiasm to bring you more beautiful clothes..

Wait up..we are going to upload more photos of new stock for 2010..

Till next time, 
shu co' wardrobe 

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Kottonisme NEW POSTER!!!!!!!

Hello everyone!!!!

Above is our 1st POSTER!! Yeahhhh....we are excited with this business and thanks to the support of our customer at AMCORP and others we are growing :)

Kottonisme will upload more new new baju kurung and blouses and we will kick start our online booking in 1st MARCH 2010! Be patient and trust will be very surprise!

Till next time :)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Kottonisme SalesBoy in ACTION!

This is Mr. Shukor Rahim our SalesBoy. Normally, he looks stern face but since we promoted him to SalesBoy he is looking very happy :)

Pada sesiapa yang datang ke Amcorp Mall, Tingkat 3, sila cari lelaki ini yang sentiasa memakai topi hitam dan pouch..Dialah SalesBoy Kottonisme ;)

SalesBoy sedang memberi arahan kepada Manager supaya meletakkan tanda harga dengan betul seperti arahan daripada kementerian.

Manager, Farhan Atiqah dengan semangat menulis tanda harga promosi selepas mendapat arahan daripada CEO, Pn. Noraini.

Setelah meletakkan harga promosi, Manager dengan bangganya bergambar buat kenang-kenangan.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Kottonisme Official Uniform

This is our official uniform....A kotton baju kurung...and in case anyone also available in our shop in S, M and L size (from L-R respectively)

This is the official face of Kottonisme...Ain, Atiqa and Maton...we are STIKTLY KOTTON

New Arrival! baju kurung Kotton...Pahang style..lotsa different color and design.. check it out!

Striktly Kotton!

We are the Kotton, we lurve to spread our ideology of lurve for kotton to the whole world..the ideology evolve around the fabric of cotton, a fabric like no other in the world. its SOFT, BREATHABLE and you can't go wrong wearing it..regardless of fashion trend or what, Kotton will always be the "in" thing. 

Most of people have perception that good quality cotton are expensive but in truth actually it is not...we have search high and low to all the countries that produce this material and realise that we can find cotton material that is very very reasonable and good quality.

Hence, the birth of our Kottonisme idealogy that you can visit at the following mall:

Every Saturday and Sunday: Level 3, Amcorp Mall, PJ
Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday: Subang Square